Benjamin Brode

~Fine Art~

Benjamin Brode
Benjamin Brode was born and raised in rural San Diego County before it was discovered and populated by so many searching for beauty and tranquility. It was a time of no TV, few movies, and a lot of pastel-tinted sleepy country side to explore.

Throughout his career Brode has perused and mastered the art in many fields from print design to fine furniture and cabinet making. In 1998 he began the singular pursuit of painting with oils. Since then he has exhibited in many gallery shows in Santa Barbara, including Bottoms Art Galleries.
"As far back as I can remember creating images from deep within my own psyche has fascinated me. As a boy, surrounded by nature, I found myself more influenced by the natural world than the human world. I have found direction from the Earth rather than through books or critiques."

The work of Benjamin Brode springs from a heritage of early California impressionism and contemporary landscape painters. His style reflects the influences of George Innes, Arthur Mathews, Xavier Martinez, and Wolf Kahn.

Brode's work is in private collections in California, Colorado, Hawaii, Maryland,
New York, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Washington and Wyoming.
StudioBrode 836 Windsor Way Santa Barbara, Ca 93105 805.682.3611 Email
"seeking the spiritual in nature, extracting the essence, putting it on canvas"